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NC-SSC-200 Semiautomatic Sheet Collating:
The semi automatic sheet collating system is designed for collating and alignment of different sheet layers / films before sheet lamination via spot welding.

NC-SCP-10000 Semiautomatic Card Punch:
The semi automatic card punching system is used to die-cut standard ISO 7816 card bodies out of laminated card sheet or mono-layers.

NC-MTH-10000 Module Test Handler:
The automatic module encoding and testing system is designed for testing / encoding IC-modules like: ATR-test, Pre-perso. etc.

NC-GTL-10000 Glue Tape Laminator:
The automatic glue tape lamination system is designed to pre-laminate the IC module tape on the back side together with hot melt adhesive tape. The punching and lamination tools can be easily changed according to different IC module types.

NC-CMS-3000 Card Milling System:
The automatic IC card milling system is designed for cavity milling into ISO 7816 plastic cards to accommodate contact type of modules.

NC-MIS-3000 Module Implanting System:
The automatic IC card implanting machine is designed to implant chip modules into milled plastic card bodies according to ISO7816 standard. ATR-testing and module height checking included.

NC-CMI-2500 Combined Milling & Implanting:
The automatic milling-implanting-testing system is designed for cavity milling and implanting of modules into plastic cards according to ISO7816 standard.

NC-GPP-3000 GSM Plug Punch:
The automatic GSM plug punching system is designed for pre-punching of the GSM-plug. The plug is still fixed in the card body by two or more bridges and can be brake out by the final card user before placing the card into the mobile phone.

NC-TBT-15 Card Torsion & Bending Test:
The automatic card bending and torsion testing system is used to perform stress tests on smart card after milling and implanting. This is performed by mechanical stress procedures with sample cards.








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WSS presented at Cardist 2010 in Istanbul the new NanoCard CMI 2500.

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WSS participated at Cards Middle East 2010 in Dubai.

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