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Project management - definition after German Insitute for Standardization norm 69901:
Project management is the totality of leadership tasks, leadership organisation. leadership colleges of technology and leadership needed for the winding up of a project.

For the successful project realisation the project manager needs knowlege form:

- Project management
- General management
- product pecific knowlege
- perseverance and loading capacity
- social and communicative abilities

We believe that besides these conditions and definitions for a successful project management, more is needed:

  •  experience in dealing with customers from different regions and cultures
  •  the feeling for appearing sitations, trends and
  •  as a result having the competence to come to a decision for
  •  not to lose the overlook for the whole project

You can't learn these abilities on an acedemy or read it form the "magic triangle"! Here the many years' experience of our specialists and the successful realisation of big international projects guarantees the success with big and also small challenges.

Which requirements are put somewhere in the world, we always find the right solution!


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WSS presented at Cardist 2010 in Istanbul the new NanoCard CMI 2500.

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WSS participated at Cards Middle East 2010 in Dubai.

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